Wednesday, November 17, 2010

25 facts about Groningen

Read theses 25 facts about Groningen. Which ones do you like most?

What you should know about Groningen


  1. Second best student city in the Netherlands (after Amsterdam, according to survey October 2007);
  2. Safest City in the Netherlands 2004;
  3. Best liked by its inhabitants in a comparable Survey from the EU, July 2007, among inhabitants of 75 cities in the EU, on aspects such as amenities, facilities, safety, pleasant people living there, clean air. (1. Groningen, 2. Leipzig 2. and 3. Krakow);
  4. Best downtown in the Netherlands 2006;
  5. Best bike city in the world 2002 (57% of all transportation within the city is by bike).

  1. The first major settlement in Groningen has been traced back to the third century AD;
  2. During medieval times, the city steadily became an important trade centre in Northern Europe;
  3. The most famous eye-catcher, the Martinitower, was the highest building in Europe for a while in the fifteenth century;
  4. Many old buildings in the centre still show Groningen’s great history.


  1. Groningen has a population of 186,000;
  2. Every fifth person in Groningen is a student, which gives Groningen the highest student population density in the Netherlands;
  3. Fifty percent of the population is younger than 35.


  1. Because Groningen is the urban centre of the north of the Netherlands and has such a large student population, its cultural scene is remarkably big and diverse;
  2. It has a vibrant and famous nightlife, dominated by students. Bars in the centre are allowed to stay open 24 hours a day;
  3. Underground pop club Vera has a great reputation among alternative music lovers all over the world. Bands like Nirvana, U2, White Stripes and Sonic Youth performed here in the early days of their career;
  4. The most important museum is the Groninger Museum. It has a great collection of modern art, but is mostly famous for its controversial construction designed by Alessandro Mendini;
  5. Other museums in Groningen include a comics museum, tobacco museum, and science museum.

  1. Economic capital of the north of the Netherlands;
  2. Largest natural gas-field in Western Europe;
  3. World’s largest sugar factory;
  4. One of the Netherlands’ largest shipbuilding centres.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What would you like to visit in Amsterdam?

Watch this video and make a decision.

Introducing video to The Netherlands

What things can you do and see in the Netherlands?

What is the capital of the Netherlands?
What is the other name for The Netherlands?
How many people live in this country?
What is the official language of the Netherlands?
What other languages do Dutch speak?
What is remarkable about Holland's landscape?
What's the weather like in Holland?
Why do so many people ride a bike in Holland?
What activity can you do in winter?
What kind of industry can we find in Amsterdam?
How many canals and bridges are there in Amsterdam?
What dairy products are famous in Holland?
What are Gouda and Edam?
Name two famous Dutch painters.
Name the three objects in the pictures.